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My name is Christine Knicely. I live a busy and active life, I do all this while also battling a chronic disease – Crohn’s Disease. I am a Junior Accountant by day, and an avid dodgeball player by night. I have an interest in personal budgets, travelling, and checking things off my bucket list.

My history with Crohn’s. I was diagnosed at 22. I have been on countless amounts of medications from Pentasa to Remicade. I have experienced the pain of fissures, fistulas (surgery in 2012) and partial blockages. Like most with Crohn’s it has been quite the adventure.

* Note: This a personal blog. I am not a professional writer. So please be kind if you come across any mistakes! Any information contained within the blog is my own opinion and should not be used to replace any advice from your doctor or travel agent! Information is based on personal experiences.*

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