Bowel Resection is My Next Adventure

I love adventure.  Usually I like my adventure in the form of a backpacking trip to a new country, or exploring a new trail in the Rockies,  even the adrenaline pumping adventures of skydiving or waterfall repelling. This past week I’m heading on a new adventure in my city at  my local hospital and it  might be the scariest yet.

I have trust in my doctors and so much support from my family and friends but it still creeps me out to think that they will be taking a piece of my bowel out and sewing the undamaged ends back together.

So far I’m scheduled for surgery on Wednesday and have been in the hospital for a week now. Hard to believe just over a week ago I was attempting to surf in beautiful Costa Rica. My life is never settled or predictable, my life with a chronic disease has guaranteed me a life of unexpected changes. But I am grateful. Grateful that in the moments that I have my health I can go after my goals and when I’m sick I have amazing healthcare and a reminder to never take (eating,working,exercising, etc..)for granted.

In the past 6 months I have travelled Southeast Asia, my Papa passed away, I went to Costa Rica, went  back to work, and have been very behind on my blog. Here is to hoping to a quick recovery , catch up, and  some  fun adventures in the next 6 months.






2 thoughts on “Bowel Resection is My Next Adventure

  1. Wishing you a great outcome and a speedy recovery. It’s normal to be a little creeped out by the surgery. I’ve had two of them, and I know how you feel. I will be looking forward to hearing about your next adventure !

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