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Hey all,

Its been a long time since I have updated you with any posts! The last one I was only a few days in on my epic Southeast Asia trip. So where are all the posts? What did I spend? Where am now? And what’s been going on? Now what? Well here are few updates on what has gone on and what you can expect to see here in the near-ish future.

  1. Posts are coming – 4 countries in 7 weeks is more work than expected and constant blogging at that time wasn’t possible. I did however keep a diary and will post content from that does cover where I went and what I did and will get working on these as soon as I can.
  2. Budget will also be coming, it was all tracked in a journal so will take some time to compile an over all amount of what I spent. I need to compile credit card statements as well. That being said, I haven’t seen too much on travel sites on what people actually spent in a day while abroad. I plan to include each purchase and its price on select days in some of my posts that I am working on now.
  3. I am back home in Canada. Sadly, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly while I was away. I was able to make it home for the funeral before Christmas, I had some time with my family over the holidays and have somewhat settled back into work this week.
  4. With my papa (grandfather) passing, I am experiencing life in a new way, I suppose through the eyes of someone who is grieving while also trying to take care of myself, adapt to being home, and manage multiple workloads (work, home stuff to be done and trying to catch up with all those I’ve missed while away) In addition I am really trying to put an effort in to being more active and manage my health better this year. This has had me trying new yoga and spin classes after work.

So it has been busy to say the least. I hope to share in more depth stories of my trip, updates on my health, and the new journey I am on!


If you have followed me on Instagram while I was away, I did manage to upload photos from Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand on there. I will be adding more photos to that account over the weekend, so feel to check it out.


Talk soon.



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