Pre -Trip Planning: The Budget

I thought it would be helpful to share the breakdown of my budget that I have set out prior to leaving on my trip and I will follow up with actual amounts when I get back.

Prepaid Costs(CAD)

Flights 1931.00
Pack 177.78
Shots 13.60
Train – Two people Bangkok to Chiang Mai 124.00
Packing Cubes 30.00
Vietnam Visa – 1 Person 164.53
House Sitter 600.00
Misc 150.00
Tablet 180.00
Tablet Access 60.00

Flights: Flying Edmonton-San Fran-S.Korea to Bangkok. Bangkok-Singapore-London-Newfoundland-Edmonton. Points were also used for some flights and an extra flight from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia is included in the cost.

Shots – Most of my vaccines were up to date and I only needed one. Most of the cost was covered under my benefits,  all my prescriptions will also be covered under my benefits (antibiotics and Malaria medication)

Travel Insurance – is provided through my insurance plan, but normally would be an additional cost.

House Sitter – Is a split cost but this reflects the total and it is a family member taking care of the house and our pets while away.

Misc- Includes toiletry items, travel underwear, and other misc purchases.

If you are going to Vietnam you need to arrange your visa before you get there. The train ticket was purchased ahead of time as we wanted a first class sleeper and were planning on departing within a day of arriving in Bangkok, you can arrange this in person if you are flexible.

Costs to be paid

Thailand Visa – 1 Person 90.00
Passport Photos 40.00
Misc 160.00
Travel Budget 4500.00
Bill Budget 2200.00

We will be entering Thailand multiple times so opted for a multi entry visa purchased prior to leaving. Passport size photos are needed for all visas so I budgeted for 4 of them and another misc budget to cover taxi fare to airport and anything that may come up before we leave.

My overall travel budget is for daily costs and travel outside my regular flights. We will be travelling on a budget.

Bill Budget is to cover my bills while we are away with a few weeks to spare until I find a new job.

So total cost with amounts to be spent prior to leaving and budgeted amounts while on our trip is $10420.91 for one person for 67 days covering 5 countries. In January I will follow-up with the actual dollars spent and see how close I am to my original predictions.

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