I Quit My Job To Go Travel.

I’M FREE!!! Well..kind of. I quit my job to allow myself the freedom to pursue my travel dreams. I’m not completely free of all responsibilities that come with being a 30-year-old with a mortgage, new car payments, animal owner and so on. Some of those things will never go away, yeah sure I’ve seen it done on other blogging sites. Quit and travel the ENTIRE world in XX amount of time. That might be fine and dandy for some, but with my medical condition and the extreme cost of my medication and how it is administered (read more on my Remicade treatments here) it’s not possible at this time. I will still travel, crossing items off my never-ending bucket list, just in chunks and as cheaply as possible to make up for the extra costs I will be paying in flights. My dream is to complete my top 5 travel destinations in the next few years and my current Monday – Friday office job just wasn’t going to work for this upcoming trip, and unfortunately an unpaid leave wasn’t an option. I have spent some time travelling on my own, check out my map to see where I’ve been and my future plans.


So in 22 days I will be jumping on a plane (my flights for this trip will take me around the entire globe which I think is pretty awesome!) and heading to Bangkok where I will start my next adventure which will take me through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and ending in Newfoundland before heading back home to Edmonton. I will be travelling light with nothing more than what I can fit in a carry-on size 40L pack. In the next few weeks I will be posting about my pre-trip planning and how I was able to make this trip happen, my packing list, budget and fun tidbits about where I will be. I plan on blogging while I am away so stay tuned for updates from the road. I will also be captioning my travels on Instagram so if you aren’t following me yet…https://instagram.com/crohnieonthego/

Talk soon!


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